Teen Fidelity

Kelly and Ryan Madison would be the couple behind this remarkable site and it is unique. It is all about this couple, sexy and handsome, who like teen threesomes, though they are not teens any longer. Their visitors are though and there is a great line-from hot women aged 18 and 19, maybe slightly older at occasions, and they’re a warm mixture of blondes, brunettes and dark-haired special gems who’re lithe and supple as well as up for many duo or threesome sex. The information is exclusive here and, for what’s essentially a novice site, it is also perfectly run and professionally come up with.

Here’s certainly one of my run-downs from the latest videos as seen around the webpage, to provide you with a concept of the range of content: Schoolgirls fantasies located in the classroom using the teen girl visitors in class uniform Blow jobs a-plenty with Ryan’s hard dick being serviced by many people as cute sweetie. Hardcore fucking with cheerleaders, and aware of house visitors, some mild BDSM, wealthy guy seduces cute teen, sexy FFM threesomes as well as girls’ first creampies. It is a nice mixture of scenarios so you do not get bored and there is almost no repetition. It’s all regulated nicely shot and presented inside a great searching site.

Once you land within the members’ company scroll lower past all of the interactive or more-date features and discover the most recent movies. You obtain access to all three of the sites, so upon entering the people area the default would be to see All Updates all 3 sites combined. You will find 48 scenes per page, there are also 54 pages of scenes which suggest there are roughly 2,500 individual scenes over the entire network. Upon hitting the Models page, there’s a counter which states over 1,042 women and 63 guys for the whole network. Updates are happening and also the site informs us they shoot one new video every 3-4 days for roughly 10 updates monthly.

Viewing pages here are some of the very indepth I have seen. You are able to stream the entire length scene from 4 different quality options that the 4K version performed very well when going full screen. There’s additionally a Pace setting which enables you to definitely control how quickly or slow the scene can enjoy, that is something I have not seen before. You may also collect your personal clips making playlists in the scenes.

For downloads, there have been four versions per scene, trailer and behind the curtain for every one, from 1,920 x 1080 to 720p lower to 480p for phones etc. Lots of full scene choices you will find movies ran for approximately 50 minutes. Some files were over 3 GB in dimensions, for that 1080p and you will find videos by having an amazing 4K resolution (over 9 GB in dimensions for installing!) although the smaller sized ones were quite manageable, which sizes are only concerned with the more scenes.

Galleries held around 150 pics each and are available with two selections of zip files, images were up at 1,188 x 792 though scaled lower to suit the page. There’s easy browsing and also the images are great quality. You’ve also had a model index to make use of and also the women here include details and Q & A sessions so there are many extras content there to see. You will find bonuses which held 423 pages of DVDs and feeds saying there are 100,000 bonus scenes as a whole an excellent accessory for an excellent site.