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Alicia C. Moon, Luciafilms, Lucy Westenra|Lucia Imperiled FullHD 1080p|HypnoPorn. video clip

Alicia C. Moon, Luciafilms, Lucy Westenra - Lucia Imperiled FullHD 1080p

The 7th generation Starwave (Alicia C. Moon) locates herself caught as well as delivered by among the lots of duplicitous versions of Morticide (Christoph) as well as supplied right into the hands of none-other than S-Tier placed bad guy MADAM OBLIVION (Lucy Westenra). Desirous of including one more video clip to her archive, the strange power has actually likewise gotten the help of Starwave’s bane Tanker (Lu-Lewd) as well as remarkably, her single buddy Voltage (Orion O’Brian) that seems under the guide of an effective collar.
Starwave’s fight for survival starts below, captured by the voyeuristic cams of Morticide’s robot optics as well as MADAM OBLIVION’s very own electronic camera. Will Starwave wind up one more entrance right into the MADAM’s archive? What terrible strategies do the bad guys have in shop for her?

-Mind Controlled Villain
-Strong Heroine
-Tummy Punches
-Hair Pulling
-Low Blows
-Unconscious Groping
-Voyeurism/Filming (All shooting in-character!).
-Forced Nudity (Top).
-Power Center Torture
-3- v-1 Combat/Beatdown
– POVCamera
-Cage Electrocution Torture
-Electric Whipping
-Straight Jacket
-Forced Oral
– AOHPunishment
-Stocks/Forced Sex
-Knot Gag
-(Real!)Force Feeding ofAphrodisiac
-Drug Induced Sexual Hunger
-Oral/Strap- onOral
-Sex Swing
-Vibrator Masurbation (Brief).
-Fist- fucking (Brief).
-Threesome (Brief).
-Ahegao (Brief).
-Uncertain Ending

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