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Cory’s Super Heroine Adventures|Cory Chase, Alex Blake in Brain Drain vs Flash corys-super-heroine-adventures-cory-chase-alex-blake-in-brain-drain-vs-flash-crisis-fullhd-mp4

Scene One: Origins
“You’re coming with me Brain Drain!” The flash states. She’s the fastest female active as well as absolutely nothing will certainly reduce her down. Even her brain is much faster than regular people. “Your tricks won’t work on me!” She states. But something forces her to rest on the sofa.

Softly Brain Drain’s words enter her mind. “Aren’t you feeling so relaxed?” Brain Drain asks. Flash raises as well as attempts to flee however can not. Her ideas are stuck in mud as well as she’s so overwhelmed as Brain Drain searches her body. What’s occurring? She needs to escape. But she can not get away Brain Drain’s kisses as well as hands.
She intends to battle however rather she spreads her legs as well as touches her pussy via her charming white underwears. She’s entirely shed, incapable to assume as well as damaged by her body’s desire. Brain Drain brings her brand-new plaything to her room, the last the globe will certainly see of the flash …Scene Two: Redux
Brain Drain had the ability to record as well as drain the flash however prior to it was total Flash had the ability to appear as well as retreat. Now Brain Drain need to hatch out a strategy to record the bold little speedster finally! She will certainly develop a ring as well as covertly provide it to the flash. Flash will certainly assume it can Defeat Brain Drain, regulate her as well as when the Flash’s guard is down … she’s obtained her.
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