Cory’s Super Heroine Adventures | Cory Chase, Jmac | Dark Super Gurl vs The Revenge Crew |

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Cory’s Super Heroine Adventures|Cory Chase, Jmac|Dark Super Gurl vs The Revenge Crew

 Cory's Super Heroine Adventures - Cory Chase, Jmac - Dark Super Gurl vs The Revenge Crew SD mp4

Scene One: Fucked Silly
Dark Super Gurl uncovered the supersecret place of theRevenge Crew She flies in as well as hacks right into their web server. Trying to locate the place of their following criminal offense, DSG journeys the quiet alarm system as well as the computer system self destruct countdown …
In strolls High Frequency, DSG states he is far too late …Without a word, he blasts her with his sonic voice as well as does not quit. Her super hearing is overwhelmed as well as her ears blow up. Now weak as well as powerless, High Frequency has his method with her. He pushes his penis down her throat as well as in her limited openings. DSG can not withstand him …Her mind states no yet her body states “More!”
Just prior to the system self wrecks, High Frequency ends up inside DSG as well as leaves …She is entrusted to locate the remainder of the crew as well as place ofMr Tropical …

Scene Two: Unwanted Stimulus
Satisfied after an excellent evening of damaging as well as looting, High Frequency is put right into bed relaxing …What he does not recognize is, when Dark Super Gurl was hacking right into the Revenge Crew’s web server, she uncovered the place all the Henchmen residences …
Several minutes later on DSG shows up in High Frequencies house …She utilizes her X-ray vision to look for tools …The area is clear yet she can not see right into a box on his evening stand. She wakes him up as well as needs he inform her what remains in package …He informs DSG to open up package as well as seek herself …The arrogant as well as not so intense super bad guy opens up package herself just to locate an uncommon pendant of kryptonite …
Dark Super Gurl, one of the most effective Super in the Universe, is currently weak as well as powerless …High Frequency does whatever he intends to her as well as makes her his family pet as he fucks her right into total entry …
Scene Three: Kryptonite Shocker
High Frequency currently has his brand-new family pet where he desires her. Weakened by the Kryptonite Necklace as well as the Sonic Blasts from High Frequency, Dark Super Gurl need to send to his every command …Today is various, he does not desire sex-related enjoyment he desires response. HF utilizes his advanced Kryptonite instilled stunning tool to obtain all the solutions out of DSG …Every incorrect response is granted with a brand-new as well as a lot more effective shock!!!

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