Cory’s Super Heroine Adventures | Cory Chase, Vanessa Cage in Black Widow |

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Cory’s Super Heroine Adventures|Cory Chase, Vanessa Cage in Black Widow


Scene One: Forced Therapy
After numerous referrals Black Widow is mosting likely to a guard authorized specialist. Little does she recognize the specialist she needs to see is truly Brain Drain in camouflage! “Let’s try some de-stress exercises” Brain Drain claims as well as starts massaging Black Widow’s shoulders.

With a wave of her hands she launches her powers as well as numbs Black Widow’s ideas. Slowly her mind is being developed into mush as Brain Drain opens her leading as well as has fun with Black Widow’s large tits, Stripping her to her limited pantyhose to have fun with.
Scene Two: Mind Erased
Brain Drain makes her brand-new creature assist her remove her clothing as well as quickly they’re both just in glossy limited pipe massaging their bodies versus each various other. Brain Drain utilizes her powers to draw a growing number of ideas from Black Widow’s stupid bimbo head.
Black Widow glides her face in between her girlfriends legs as well as makes Brain Drain groan. Dumb as a cow, she venerates the pussy like a salt lick. Brain Drain shoelaces her legs with Black Widow as well as they grind each various other to a forced lesbian climax. Satisfied she allows Black Widow go just to have her returned later on to finish her training.
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