Entrancement UK – Alexa Red

Published on March 27, 2021 by
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Entrancement UK – Alexa Red


Alexa’s a bubbly, quick witted and charming lady having a spicy vocabulary along with a smoking hot body. She graced my sofa for any Hypnodolls shoot and that i had her experiencing various kinky shenanigans.

This shoot marks the very first appearance of my new antique (well… kinda) mirror. I’d been planning a chuckle mirror based suggestions for some time: Adore your reflection. Think that you’re held in the mirror. Think that your reflection’s evil, that sort of factor, and Alexa reached indulge me first.

Making Alexa’s reflection “Evil” was pretty fun, she plays the various components of both devilish domme and damsel in distress nicely, also it was amusing seeing her bounce in one persona to another as she checked out or from her reflection. I attempted to arrange it to ensure that Mistress Alexa would speak *out* from the mirror, although Damsel Alexa was the main one who’d face and call me in tangible life… a minimum of until Mistress Alexa required over her body and left her held in the mirror anyway.



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