Entrancement UK – Gracie’s Slave Training

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Entrancement UK – Gracie’s Slave Training


A present of the subject. Gracie’s eyes were stuck shut quickly, and very quickly whatsoever, she was transforming right into a guy inside a girl’s body, a giggling bimbo, a derpy toy, an extrovert, a prude along with a slavegirl! Director’s Choice.

It’s usually nice whenever a model approaches me because she’s particularly interested in being hypnotized or she’s already had experience sinking.

In Gracie’s situation, it had been both. I’d been suggested to her with a friend (Because of @FFLurker!) who had been keen to determine Gracie get the full fledged Entrancement Treatment.

As you can tell, she didn’t dissatisfy!

Gracie was brilliant to utilize. As she’d recently been under quantity of occasions, she was quite simple to steer right into a trance and inside the initial few minutes of my induction, her eyes were so firmly closed that they couldn’t open them. Certainly a great sign!

She also looks *quite* good stripped of clothes. ??

Click to determine much more of my pictures of Gracie on my small Tumblr

She continued to demonstrate herself a brilliantly animated, fun, sexy and cute subject, switching from flirtatious to face offish mindsets inside a moment, easily and eagerly flashing one second then grumpily hiding her body the following. We see her as her normal chatty self, a man (Graham) inside a girl’s body, so when she was handed some Bimbo Gum(TM) she couldn’t stop popping it, although the effects of doing this make her go totally airheaded.


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