Entrancement UK – Lexi & Jess

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Entrancement UK – Lexi & Jess

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Entrancement UK – Lexi & Jess

Lexi and Jess are a couple of gorgeous and well spoken ladies, they’re buddies who regularly interact, so that they share great chemistry with each other. Lexi includes a lot of expertise being employed as a Ballbusting Mistress, so initially she didn’t think it had been most likely that she’d receive tranced. She really dropped pretty easily and deeply and surprised herself with how powerfully she taken care of immediately suggestions.

Jess though was another matter, she’d trouble remaining in trance (She was pretty tired from work) so although she starts to go gently under at the beginning of the shoot, after about 30 minutes it might be apparent that suggestions weren’t likely to stick to her. She was more than pleased to pose around, undress, and otherwise make the most of Lexi (who *was* growing nicely conditioned!)

Throughout the other half from the shoot, Lexi does begin sliding from deep effective trances to lighter ones where she gets a lot more like she’s just playing along, this ends together with her wondering if she was acting or otherwise, so instead of fake responses, the final 20 mins approximately from the video are adopted having a talk to the women concerning the nature of .

An excellent shoot, with a few sexy n amusing moments. (Lexi first as being a nudist, a prude, then as Chardonnay revealing her puppy Bubbles (really a cushion from her sofa) then like a Mistress revealing her domme side) Unfortunate I couldn’t have more depth from Jess, but we could possibly rectify that later on!

Because of the size the shoot, Lexi appearing out of trance and also the closing chat is going to be provided like a second download.



Eyes open, mind blank

Sleep Trigger

Awake, doesn’t believe we’ve began

Blank minds

Jess awakens

Topless & blank

Triggered to pose (blank)

Posing frozen Lexi

Tickling and tweaking blank Lexi

“Where’s my bra gone?”

Compulsive liar

Lexi the nudist

Lexi *hates* nudity

His cock goes lower to his knees!

Realises / Forgets she’s naked

Break & Outfit change


Mind attracted towards the pendant

Chardonnay the -bimbo

Bubbles the -puppy

Lexi the sex-toy

Lexi the fembot

Dancing fembot

Forcing Lexi to bop

Lexi Lapdances for Jess

Good Girl pleasure trigger*

Lexi the slavegirl

Slavegirl feet worship

Ballbusting Mistress Lexi

Mistress / Slavegirl switching

Forcing the Mistress to Kneel

Spanking the Mistress

Manipulating the Mistress

Mute Mistress

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