Entrancement UK – Lucinda – iDroid

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Entrancement UK – Lucinda – iDroid

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Entrancement UK – Lucinda – iDroid

Lucinda’s housemate uses the iDroid Mental Manipulation Application to consider over her mind making her into his fembot, living toy, maid, erotic ornament and slavegirl!

Lucinda’s the type of girl that has difficulty tearing her eyes from her phone in excess of 5 seconds. When her housemate asks her to the pub, she’s quick to show him lower. Her reaction was nothing otherwise expected, so he decides to activate the “iDroid Master Control” program that he’d secretly placed on her phone. The program takes over and overrides first Lucinda’s phone after which her body. She responds to confusion in the glowing spirals filling her screen, but at that time it’s already far too late and she or he really *can’t* close this article from her screen.

The program begins if you take physical charge of Lucinda’s body. It suspends her mental functions and compels her to face in many submissive and decorative poses. After that it installs physical and auditory “Off” switches, allowing other users to deactivate Lucinda having a snap of the fingers or perhaps a poke of her brow. The triggers are tested and Lucinda responds to confusion to locate herself standing and missing recollections, it doesn’t last lengthy though because the program takes charge of her right hands and places her in a programming condition.

This program then installs an additional handful of insidious modifications, first hiding any memory of strange conduct from Lucinda, then making her a nudist!

Her housemate enjoys posing her just like a toy, and switching her between embarrassment at her nakedness and maid-like submission.

Lucinda spends time nude, posing, dancing, and cleaning in “French Maid Mode”, and she or he models a shiny handful of fembot figures. (Leotard and Jumpsuit.)

Finally she deactivates herself and stands with patience on her behalf display disc waiting for next time someone really wants to have fun with her

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