Entrancement UK – Luna Brook & Sophia part 2

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Entrancement UK – Luna Brook & Sophia part 1


Brook likes finding yourself in charge.

I’d labored with Sophia once before (See Sophia’s Slave Training) and Brook a couple of occasions formerly. (See Secret Slavegirl 2) It was my first hypno shoot with Luna though who I’d labored within a none MC capacity once before. The subject of Mind Control had show up though and she’d been greater than a little intrigued at seeing my girlfriend frozen, posed, making mindless. Once the chance to utilize the 3 ladies emerged, I wasn’t likely to allow it to slip by!

It was a difficult but rewarding shoot. Luna and Sophia are generally submissive to some goodly degree and were pleased to be commanded, controlled making to bop to my devious whims. Brook however submissive that she’s, remains a significant brat, and needs special techniques to first get her under, then reveal her inner submissive (Who’s so dissimilar to normal Brook that they really passes another name: “Raven”.)

Go below she did though, and that i discovered that there is an all natural rhythm to having fun with these 3, generally Brook or Raven would receive one command, although Luna and Sophia reached play, Brook would inevitably strop at being converted into a doll after which we’d turn the tables for some time and permit Brook to accept reins and wreck havoc on the minds from the other two. This brought to a number of sexy and silly scenes as Brook made another ladies into her dancing women and slavegirls consequently. Who’d then obtain revenge.

Round and round we go. ??

If there is not *quite* enough nudity within the first video to help you get excited, here’s a rather spicier one. ?? Enjoy!

Luna-Brook-Sophia-NSFW by entrancement

An excellent shoot with three gorgeous girls that share great chemistry.


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