Entrancement UK – Nicky Phillips

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Entrancement UK – Nicky Phillips

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Entrancement UK - Nicky Phillips

Entrancement UK – Nicky Phillips

An Incredible shoot and among the greatest ladies I’ve ever labored with which session’s full towards the brim of effective moments where I physically or psychologically wreck havoc on the stunning lady.

Nicky was a complete pleasure to experience with. She was super chatty, very lower to earth coupled with a very fun and bubbly personality, therefore it was quite the excitement doing dealing with different mental states and behaviours because of being hypnotized.

Like a nudist she was super casual and comfortable… until I make her shy that’s and she’s squealing with embarrassment and seeking to hide.

After I have her forget what her breasts are, she’s completely mystified by these strange new *things* that I’ve in some way mounted on her chest.

Me: D’you like them?

Nicky: I do not know… how have you have them on!?

Me: They included a unique fitting.

Nicky: Do you have some?

After I have her brain shrinking, she ranges from being eloquent and intelligent to becoming an airheaded simpleton… all smiling and agreeable and vacant.

After I have her thinking she’s a stereotypical guy she’s sexist and arrogant and sits together with her legs wide. (Her reaction after i came back her to normalcy next was pretty damn amusing.

There were occasions where I had been switching her intelligence and attitudes around, getting her haughty and stand-offish about a minute, after which wanting to learn and controlled the following.

Overall an incredible shoot! We do hope you all appreciate it

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