Entrancement Uk – Portia & Rachelle

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Entrancement uk – Portia & Rachelle

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Entrancement uk – Portia & Rachelle

It was an excellent shoot with two lively girls that were immeasureable fun to utilize. Portia we’d labored with before, and it is always an enjoyment seeing where her mind takes her. This time around she’s sporting an attractive vintage up-do haircut. (She looks different each time make certain together with her!) Sorry lengthy-hair enthusiasts! (Although not sorry for lengthy because…)

Rachelle was a complete blast to utilize too. Sweet, funny, creative, flirty, gorgeous as hell, with a bottom to for! (She also sports really lengthy blonde hair for individuals individuals that they like your lengthy-haired ladies) She would be a fantastic subject and it is really *really* sexy seeing each of them snapping their fingers before one anothers faces turning another girl’s mind on / off.

This doesn’t quite get my Director’s Choice rating because there were a few distractions, we ran a little lengthy on shooting the stills, consuming glasses of tea and chatting prior to the shoot and that i fluffed in the camera position slightly within the last section, (Your camera the women were really speaking to wasn’t recording, another one selected them up fine, they simply seem to be speaking off camera instead of straight to the crowd.) so we ran from time so were not able to perform a closing chat. Nothing major though, simply not as perfect as I’d want it to be.

In each and every other respect, a fairly great shoot. Highlights for me personally would be…

Girl Gamer Rachelle telling us later that she’s a dude known as “Phil”

Portia’s parrot noises and Rachelle’s reactions.

The women reactions to getting their mouths stuck shut.

Rachelle’s face when she finds her mouth stuck open.

Their reactions to hypno-tickling.

How effective their mental off switch is.

Rachelle’s bottom

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