Limp Fetish – Mind Under Master – Coralee Summers – Taste Test p1 FullHD mp4

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Limp Fetish – Mind Under Master – Coralee Summers – Taste Test p1 FullHD mp4


Coralee is invited by her college biochemistry professor to participate in a flavor analyze study for the new candy. Straight away the flavors is a lot like nothing she’s ever endured prior to. She feels feelings of warmth and comfort because the experience of her fingers can feel incredible against her physique. Her pussy becomes drenched as she hurts harder around the sweets prior to finding herself. “Why do I truly feel so excellent?”

“The candies is called Euphoria is an all-natural dietary supplement that starts up the enjoyment sensors” he clarifies and she will get stressed. “We can end if require, just lie down and the sensation will successfully pass.” She nods and he will take her to a mattress. She moans as he aids her from her shorts, his fingers sense remarkable on her system. But as the experience goes by she finds themselves craving another flavor. “If we move on to cycle two it’ll aid ease the symptoms…” She confirms and the man offers her his fingertips to draw on. She hesitates but taste them into her mouth. She moans and sucks more difficult, licking his hands, the flavor is awesome. “Why will you style so good?” she openly asks.
“Because I infused my DNA with the sweets, so sampling me now offers you the identical sensing as being the candies.” he points out as she hurts lovingly from her knees. “If you want to maintain tasting I want you to get me hard” Without pondering Coralee actually reaches over and rubs his dick.
“Please let me preference you professor” she begs…..


Coralee Summers Taste Test p1

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