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Luciafilms Custom|Mckenzie, Ariana Rogue, Lucy Westenra|Lucia Wonderous Woman in Captivity Part 2 Full HD 1080p|HypnoPorn. video clip

Wonderous Woman (Mckenzie). Hero of the ages and also champ of individuals remains to defend her satisfaction and also the life of her buddy Vera (Ariana Rogue). Sold to the Society of Creative Discomfort by her captor and also when ally Persephone (Lucy Westenra), her days come to be unlimited savageries created by the wickedest of minds. Particularly that ofDr Johanne Cramer, proprietor of the Society and also maybe greater than he is allowing on.
Will Wonderous Woman make it through torture after torture through a relatively unlimited line of sadists? Will she conserve Vera from destinies unidentified? Or will both of them shed their body and minds to the Society finally?
Find out in this activity loaded, awesome 2nd installation in the Wonderous Woman in Captivity trilogy.

-Audience Enjoyment
-Violation of Abductee *.
-Restricted Movement in Fight
-Varied BDSMScenes
-Spider Gag
-Electrocution (throughout numerous scenes, various techniques).
-Humiliation ofHeroine
-Humiliation ofAbductee
-Abductee Forced Sex *.
-Brief Drowning
-Simulated Prostitution
-Hair Bondage
-Full Arm Binding
-Forced Pony Girl Roleplay
-Bit Gag
-Party Scene
-Nipple Torture
-Nipple Clamps
-Abductee Forced toTorture Heroine
-Massive Insertion (Brief).
-Double Penetration
-Forced Stretches
-Breast, Stomach, and also Low Blows withImplements
-Double Teaming
-Blowjob (Brief).
-Stoic Heroine
-Multiple Outfits
-Multiple Sets
-Chloroforming (Brief).
-Many Different Low Blows
-Partial Nudity
-Stepping On
-Lots ofBondage

Hypno Porn
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(*2 *)

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