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Luke Longly, Cassidy Ryan, Cory Chase|Sex Bot Trained SD mp4|HypnoPorn. video clip

 Luke Longly, Cassidy Ryan, Cory Chase - Sex Bot Trained SD mp4

Scene One: New Sex Bot
Cassidy is a recently bought sex bot. Top of the line with all features she is made to go through those features individually. “Yes master I will obey” she states to every command. Doll setting, where she is made use of like a plaything. Girl setting, where she states “Hi daddy” In a girly voice. Testing out the last setting, Sex bot setting, Cassidy is made to jump on the sofa and also spread her legs. With her underwears completely sight she’s informed to massage herself for her master. “Yes master I will obey” she states. As she scrubs she draws her underwears sideways and also begins her climax program. “Yes, Yes orgasm” she states noisally. “orgasm overload yes yes, overload malfunction malfunction” and also she stands and also closes down.

Scene Two: Test Drive
Panicked he attempts to reset Cassidy checking out her handbook. Pulling open her t-shirt he locates her reset switch and also powers her back on “reset thank you master” she states with a begin. He has her raise her skirt and also display her butt prior to having her remove her bra. He intends to see to it she can still work so he informs her to have fun with her tits and also climax for him. “Yes master, yes this is wonderful” she states bringing herself closer to climax. “Orgasm orgasm!” She yells “Overload, malfunction malfunction!” and also closes down. There needs to be a brief circuit someplace he states. Reading the handbook he chooses to call the assistance workdesk.
His other half Cory comes house to discover the brand-new robotic still closure. “very cute” she states taking a look at her. Cory attempts to obtain her to switch on however can not appear to discover the button. Grabbing a battery charger she places it in between Cassidy’s legs and also spins. “Sex bot fully charged, thank you master” Cassidy states.
Scene Three: Limp
“Sex bot power down” Cory informs it. The sex bot drops lifelessly to the sofa. Cory checks the bot over trying to find damages or damaged components from delivery. She strips off the robotics clothing gradually one short article at once.
Moving her body around Cory evaluates every square inch of Cassidy’s limited robotic body. Cory can not aid herself however to touch the robotic’s buoyant busts. Her pussy splashing, Cory scrubs the robotic’s clitoris groaning as she transforms herself on having a girl all to herself.
Scene Four: Maid Function
Naked and also spread out on the sofa Cassidy robotic is powered on. “Yes master I will obey” Cory goes to obtain the brand-new attire the robotic will certainly be using. An as well limited also brief housemaid attire will certainly be excellent for her to clean up your home with. The excellent robotic housemaid. Cassidy vacuums the living-room flexing over to reveal her excellent butt. Cory offers her butt a feeling, Oh this will certainly exercise excellent.
Scene Five: Sexual Override
Cory downloads a lesbian program right into the robotic and also commands“Remove my clothing” “Yes master I will obey” Cory makes the robotic strip till they are both nude. “Sex bot, grope my tits” Cory commands. The robotic does as she’s informed pleasing her master. Telling her to lick and also draw on her tits Cory sheds herself to satisfaction from the robotic.
“Lick my pussy” Cory informs her and also the robotic mosts likely to function. Never burning out and also never ever examining Cassidy robotic pleases her master completely, her tongue licking Cory like she’s never ever been licked prior to.
Scene Six: Overload
With her tongue deep in Cory’s pussy the robotic screams “Malfunction malfunction, I do not fuck lesbian mother” With a begin the robotic grabs Cory’s neck and also starts to tighten up around her. Cory scream and also chokes.
“I am not a lesbian, Now you are my slave” the robotic screams. Pushing Cory’s face right into her pussy, Cassidy makes Cory lick her phrase “Now you give me oral pleasure until I orgasm!” Robot Cassidy orgasms hard on Cory and also allows her go. She stands and also screams “Daddy, I’m ready” leaving the space. Pulling herself with each other and also cleaning her mouth Cory states to herself “That’s a big malfunction”

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