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Meana Wolf|The Intern


With my expertise of psychology, mind control, NLP and also, it is very easy to control individuals. Those that are especially excited and also eager, loss under my control with extremely little initiative. Such held true for the young possible internVirginia I require 100% accessibility right into every one of my workers subconscious whatsoever times since my job is exceptionally delicate and also possibly hazardous in the incorrect hands.

I require to understand that she can be managed. So I pressed her lovely little mind to the restriction … and also her lovely little body? Well … I had some enjoyable keeping that also. Once she came under hypnotic trance there was no resistance, she thawed under my words, and also I enjoyed in her mindlessness … her ideal little mind configured to do precisely what I desire.
xoxo Meana Wolf
Clip Contains: An sexual Mesmerize/ dream in whichDr Meana Wolf is speaking with the lovely Virginia for a teaching fellowship. Virginia is greater than going to be generated and also taken into hypnotic trance for an opportunity to collaborate withDr Wolf. The perverted physician indulges in seeing her meaningless trainees battle in futility as she rejects their climaxes. She develops her up, bordering her, refuting her, after that she regulates climax after climax out of her small little body.

Hypno Porn
Brainwashed, hostage, controll, liml feitsh, MAGIC CONTROL, Mesmerize, nlp, CLIMAX REJECTION, configured, SLUT TRAINING, forbidden pornography spell, Trance, deceived

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