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Mind Under Master Harmony Wonder|Taste Test Field Experiment p1


Harmony Wonder is perplexed when her motorist turns up as well as there’s a lot of things in his rear seats. She simply wishes to obtain residence so she jumps in as well as they remove. Soon she locates her head rotating as she really feels truly great, her body prickles as well as she’s truly switched on by the motorist. “Are you ok?” he asks. She breaks back to fact, something weird is taking place. “Do you want me to pull over?” he asks as well as she responds. “I know a place” he states as well as she enters as well as out of one of the most pleasant sensations.

He assists her right into a bed as well as she’s beginning to really feel even worse. Her head as well as tummy pain. “Where are we?” she asks. “My hotel room” he clarifies, “you aren’t feeling well, but I can give you something. Suck on my fingers.” She looks perplexed. Why is he standing up an electronic camera? Why would certainly draw on his finger aid? But as soon as she places it in her mouth its impressive. She laughs with joy as she takes him in her mouth. “Wait I should go home…” she states however breaks down to the flooring. He offers her his fingers once again as well as she excitedly draws at them. She attempts to stand up to however she requires to taste him so negative. “You want another taste?” she responds.“Beg for it” “Beg?” she asks not sure of herself. “Please sir can I taste your fingers?” He offers her what she requires.

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