Mind Under Master – Jayde Symz – Trance Therapy

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Mind Under Master – Jayde Symz – Trance Therapy


Jayde isn’t sure what she’s doing in the good doctor’s office or what it’s he is doing, but after he explains trance therapy to her she’s prepared to try it out. He calms her rapidly. Really as soon as she walked into his office she’s felt good. “What’s the final factor you remember before coming here?” She thinks hard, he mind flashes pictures of her her dancing at the office.

She’s a stripper along with a costumer arrived and demonstrated her something on his phone. Pretty colors. She gave him a blow job within the Very important personel. “Would you love to show me?” the physician asks. She gives him a lap dance but soon wants more. She removes his cock and blows him, searching around to make certain the bouncers don’t catch them. She begs for him to cum in her own mouth. She just really wants to please him. She’d never done anything such as this before. After he fills her mouth together with his load she remembers, it had been him in the strip club. He was the one which demonstrated her the lights. “That’s right, now I really want you in the future see me each week and become my own stripper fucktoy” Session 2: She wastes very little time sliding his cock into her pussy while she dances for him. The bouncers won’t notice she promises, but he wants more. He bends her within the sofa and fucks her from behind as she begs for additional. She begs to worship him. She begs for him to make use of her body. She begs for his cum as she falls to her knees, sucking him off and titty fucking his hard cock. She begs and begs until he finally gives her the burden she so anxiously needs.


Jayde Symz Trance Therapy

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