Mind Under Master – Jojo Kiss – Coma Care FullHD mp4

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Mind Under Master – Jojo Kiss – Coma Care FullHD mp4


Jojo Hug is hired to exchange the previous nurse for that famous magician, Holden the Magnificent. It appears the the prior Nurse Jericha Jem was benefiting from the him sexually as they in the coma. She offers to take good proper care of him because she’s “better compared to last nurse”.

Everything appears normal, her eye dilate. He appears in good physical conditions. As she is constantly on the examine him she breaths in deeply “I have no idea what they’re using for the sponge baths however, you smell amazing” she confesses.

Jojo must admit, there’s something about him. It’s like he’s looking into her soul despite the fact that he’s inside a coma. “I’m sorry sir” she states as she realizes her hands is on his hardening cock. She attempts to shake them back before she realizes what’s happening she kissing him. “Did you moan mister?” she asks and kisses him again, this time around she gets him hug back. “That’s it mister hug me” she begs and mounts him.

Another nurse wasn’t crazy, she was attempting to wake him up! Jojo grinds on him pleading for him to wake, but realizes someone might are available in. “I’ll return tonight” she whispers.

That night she’s very excited to determine him. “I possess a surprise for you” she confesses and strips from her nursing scrubs revealing an attractive little schoolgirl outfit. She goes up his body and removes his cock. “I’m likely to wake you up mister. I’ll do whatever is requires to wake you up”

She’s a really devoted nurse. She sucks, spits and begs for him to wake. “I’m so a lot better than the final nurse,” she states “I’m likely to make you happy before you awaken. I’ll return every single day. I’ll generate other nurse who’ll assist me to wake you.” She’ll do whatever needs doing. She’ll stroke him and beg until he finally fills her mouth together with his cum. She spits it into her hands to exhibit him after which licks it support. “I’ll return with a few of my nurse buddies tomorrow. We’ll wake you up mister.”


Jojo Kiss Coma Care

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