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Mind Under Master|Lily Rader|House Pet|Daddy’ s little good girl


He places a chain on her and also she postures for him by the fire, continuously her passive commands. She strips for him. She draws him off while he consumes. She flights him. She obtains fucked from behind as she states “I’m your good little girl”
On his last evening there he discover her weeping, “What’s the matter pet?” he asks rubbing her hair. “I don’t want you to go” she whimpers. “I’ll come back, do you want to be fed again?” he asks. “Yes master, I’m so hungry”

She draws him off once more, pleading for him to take her when he goes. She guarantees to be a good pet, she will not runaway, she plays well with various other family pets, she’ll be so good she pleads as rips well in her eyes. She’s so determined for his orgasm, to make him delighted as she pleads and also pleads up until he feeds her another tons.

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