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Mind Under Master|Maya Bijou|Hypnotherapy


Maya has actually consented to take part in a research study for her specialist. He asks her some standard concerns as she looks right into ever before moving tinted lights. “What color is the sky?” “What color is snow?” “Do you see the words in the colors?” he asks, however Maya can not address she can hardly believe.
“I’m going to turn you into my persona sex slave” he discusses. She attempts to stand up to however is quickly in a deep hypnotic trance as she reviews words she sees in the shades.
“My mind is blank. I have no thoughts. I have no will. I need to be controlled. I need to be programmed. I need a master. I need you. You are my master. Just being near you turns me on. All I can think about is bringing you pleasure.”
He starts to have fun with her tits as she groans with enjoyment. “Your touch makes me wet. Your touch makes me desperate to pleasure you. To make you happy. Please let me serve you master, please let me pleasure you.”

She draws on his fingers. “I’m addicted to your taste. I need it like I need water and air. I’ll if I don’t get to kiss and lick you everyday. I’ll do anything to taste you. Please master. Let me taste you. I’ll be a good girl. I’ll make you feel good with my mouth and my tongue I promise.”
He starts to titfuck her as she proceeds. “Just feeling your cock can make me cum. I need to please it, I need to use every inch of my body to pleasure your cock. Thank you master. Thank you for using my body. You own every inch of me. I’m your property. I’m your fucktoy. My purpose in life is to bring you pleasure. You are my master, my daddy, my lord, my god. I’m not worthy of you. I’m just a desperate fuckdoll. Thank you for selecting me daddy. Thank you for using me master. I love you. I need you. I worship you. Please feed me your cum master”
He utilizes her mouth to make his dick really feel great, fucking her throat as she informs him just how much she venerates him. “I love you. I need you. I worship you. Please feed me your cum master” she asks up until he loads her mouth with a large lots.
Soon she remains in his bed clothed like a slutty schoolgirl drawing his dick as well as proclaiming her commitment to him. “I am my daddy’s pleasure pet. My body is for you and only you. No other man will ever have me, daddy. I am devoted to you. I am devoted to bringing you endless pleasure. But I’ll share you daddy. You can have as many pets as you want. I’ll bring them to you, one by one.”
She’s obtaining hopeless to please him, to make him orgasm “You are my daddy, You are my master, You are my god. I love you. I need you. I worship you. My purpose in life is to bring you pleasure. I am your fucktoy. Your pleasure pet. Your princess. Please cum for your princess. Please let me milk you everyday. With my hands and my mouth and my pussy…all my holes are just for you daddy. Please be my daddy. Please be my master. Please be my god.”
She asks as well as asks up until she’s lastly compensated with a 2nd lots.

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