Primal Fetish – The Magician – Paris Sativa

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Primal Fetish – The Magician – Paris Sativa


Mister Master turns up because the Magician at Paris’s home early to create for his magic show. Then he puts her under and it has her strip, masterbate, provide him a blow job and happily provide him her number, promising to interrupt track of her BF following the show.

Scene begins together with her answering the doorway and welcoming him in. She will get him a glass or two, and linked with emotions . discuss the show. Eventually, he hypnotizes her utilizing a swinging watch, and it has her fully stand up together with her arms held high as they feels her body throughout, then has her bend to feel her sexy ass. He puts her to rest again, and it has her fully stand up and take away her skirt. He wakes her up and she or he wonders how her skirt was lower. He puts her to rest again, the has her stand, remove her clothes and call her friend declaring that they must arrived at the show. Next, he puts her under and it has her put her number within the phone because she desires to see him again. Then he puts her to sleep.

He wakes her up plus they discuss fee’s and it has her accept a bigger amount. Again, she’s offer sleep, and that he has her remove her panties and masterbate while under trance. He swings the timepiece again declaring that that whenever she awakens, she’ll masterbat again. While she’s masterbating, he’s her want to suck his cock, so she does. While she’s carrying this out, he’s her awaken, and she or he is confused when she does and wonders if she’s been consuming. He’s her obey, then informs her she likes to suck his cock and she or he continues.

He cums in her own mouth, then has her sleep again as they gives her more instructions so when she awakens she’ll get outfitted, but think she’s really drunk. She won’t put on under garments. When she’s outfitted again, he’s her sleep, as they gives her more instructions. This time around when she awakes, she’ll feel that she’s really excited and can’t wait for a party, so when he asks her “what her plans are” she’ll get into trance and simply tell him that she’ll split up together with her boyfriend.


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