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Primals Custom Videos|Nadya Nabakova|Bunny Colby|Training the New Employee


Overall Plot: A young, eye-catching up as well as arrival that has actually formerly obtained a manager right into difficulty satisfies her new employer that reveals her the new training video clip on unwanted sexual advances. It transforms her right into a randy slut that will certainly do anything for her new employer. Key styles are

Bunny being a bitch prior to the training as well as a complete excited slut after
Stockings as well as high heels plus gown or shirt/ skirt attire (keep as high as feasible).
Lots of kissing plus kissing while brushing penis.
Lucy enters Maxwell Lord’s workplace. Dressed in a black gown or shirt skirt with stockings as well as high heels [Custom B01-B03]
Max:“Ms Colby, please sit down”
Lucy: “Thank you Mr. Lord”
Max: “Call me Max since we’re going to be working together”
Lucy: “Sure Max. I’m sure you’ve heard of the issue I had with my last boss and hope nothing similar happens”
Max: “Of course. The sexual harassment claim you have against your old boss is absolutely enough warning”
Lucy: “Great. Just because I’m an attractive woman who dresses well doesn’t mean I’m available. Just want to put that straight”
Max: “Absolutely. In fact, I wanted to run by you a new training program we have for the division to make sure nothing like that happens again. It uses some new technology our IT department came up with”
Lucy: “Sure, I’m happy to take a look. After all, I’m probably in the best position.”
Max: “That’s right. Your impressive education and work has put you on the fast track even though you’re so young. I’ll probably end up reporting to you some day”

Hypno Porn
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