Primals FANTASIES – Britney Amber – Training the Secretary

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Primals FANTASIES – Britney Amber – Training the Secretary

Britney is arbitrating a sexual harassment case put forth by secretary Lily against her boss Lucas. A higher level employee of the company than either party, Britney is not willing to put up with Lucas’s bs excuses for his vulgar comments. As tempers escalate, Lucas goes into his

Britney’s boss continues to be making her work late greater than appears necessary. It’s beginning to result in fights together with her boyfriend in your own home. Her boss seems like she should be more relaxed around him, and relish the time they spend cooperating. He even shows her the gorgeous necklace he bought to exhibit his appreciation….As it is just them, and also the building will get so hot after hrs Britney’s boss suggests she “dress down” and obtain comfortable.

Because they interact Britney’s boss comments on her behalf seeming stressed…maybe it’s sexual tension, he suggests she masturbate to alleviate the problem? Britney loses her temper, but her boss “changes” her mind, which matches blank as she makes herself cum over and over…

As Britney and her boss interact, she finds herself uncontrollably turned on. She secretly attempts to satisfy herself without her boss realizing, but he is doing.

Her boss explains he might help her together with her sexual desperation but she refuses getting angry, until her boss again helps her see things differently, and provides her the mindless orgasms she anxiously needs.

However following a bit Britney’s boss shows that what’s really wrong is that she’s not fucked correctly in your own home. Now Britney is furious together with her boss, however, she’s convinced and cums while mindlessly being fucked.

Britney presently has an entirely new method of seeing things. She finds herself easily naked every evening working after hrs together with her boss and sees no problem with getting her constant sexual need satisfied by him every evening.

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