Primals FANTASIES – Casey Calvert – Bitch Goes Too Far

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Primals FANTASIES – Casey Calvert – Bitch Goes Too Far

Mr. Daemonson reaches a sudden appointment to refill an essential prescription, but his normal physician has gone out. Dr. Calvert is filling out and taking all her man-hating views on the patients within an extreme fashion. She belittles him until she finally will get poor people man to beg for just one little dose. She cockily hands within the envelope, nevertheless its contents aren’t the things they appear. Because he gasps for breath and clutches his chest on the ground, Dr. Calvert taunts the weak, helpless earthworm, revealing the dose he required was another thing entirely. She’s not really the actual physician. She was hired. But when she bothered to complete her homework, she’d have recognized what she gave him wishing for his really induces the precise problem he was attempting to prevent all along.

Mr. Daemonson rips from the disgraced doctor’s panties, stuffs them in her own mouth, and informs her that does not only could he destroy her pussy, she’s likely to thank him for this. The now helpless bitch whimpers as his fingers pump interior and exterior Casey’s tight pussy, taunts growled previously mentioned through the imposing figure pinning her lower. Mr. Daemonson instructions Casey to drag his cock out and offers to fuck her until he splits her in two.

Casey has become completely at Mr. Daemonson’s command, meekly responding “yes Master” when addressed. She serves him during shackles, acquiescing to whatever her Master desires. She can’t even let herself come with an orgasm without his explicit permission. An additional mark of possession, Casey’s master cums throughout her face she thanks him.

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