Primals FANTASIES – Edyn Blair – Project Funding II

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Primals FANTASIES – Edyn Blair – Project Funding II

Max walks in to the conference room for his board meeting, only to discover his ex-wife, Edyn, awaiting her. She informs him how she’s remaining for that board meeting, and she’s heard how he’s been spending a lot of the businesses money. After she instills her plans into her ex-husband’s mind, thinking she now owns him which company, she would go to talk with Lucas to describe to him if he really wants to keep any kind of funding, he’ll do what she would like. Lucas takes the brand new very comfortably, standing and flowing her and themself a glass or two. While toasting to one another, mentioning that coffee originated from Edyn’s ex-husband, Lucas states something which catches her unawares, but pays no mind into it and takes her last sip of pride and ego.


As Edyn begins to leave Lucas’s office, prepared to blackmail and/or dominate everybody, one office at any given time, this intense urge overcomes her, stopping her in her own tracks and shedding her to her knees. Before she knows what hit her, the need for Lucas’s cock overpowers her. Crawling on the ground, groping herself, and licking her lips, she BEGS Lucas to fuck her. This latest, intensely extreme longing for cock should be satisfied now, which becomes the only real factor she will consider.

When her husband makes Lucas’s office, he sees her wife wrapped around Lucas’s leg on the ground. She launches from him when she see’s Mr Maximus, crawling to his legs and pleading for his cock. Thanking Lucas in order to together with his problem, he informs Edyn he’ll fuck her if she signs something. Signing it anxiously, she drops back lower towards the floor, pulling at his pants and pleading for his cock. Is he going to create it for her? Discover now within this amazing, new, sexy adaptation of Primal Fetish’s Project Funding!

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