Primals FANTASIES – Nikki Delano – Training the Rich Bitch HD

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Primals FANTASIES – Nikki Delano – Training the Rich Bitch HD (1080p/

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Nikki is quarrelling together with her ex-husband’s, Robert’s, partner concerning the studio they owned together and train at. Nikki states since Robert owned 60% from the shares, she’s essentially his boss now. Robert’s partner states it’s never been like this together and they were always equal. Nikki doesn’t feel they’re or that they ought to be comparable to him, and won’t arrived at a good agreement.

Robert’s partner starts explaining his stopwatch, and just how it’s new technology which brings out of all money helping the clients do whatever he states. He decides to show on her behalf. Before she knows what’s happening, she’s doing unmanageable lunges! Robert’s partner attempted to become nice, but she’s not which makes it easy. And also, since she fucked over his closest friend, she’s likely to educate her a lesson, and humiliate the fuck from her in addition.

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