Primals FANTASIES – Olivia Austin – Ultimate Bitch Boss Training

Published on December 28, 2020 by
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Primals FANTASIES – Olivia Austin – Ultimate Bitch Boss Training

Olivia may be the greatest bitch in the organization. She uses her looks and her position to dominate everybody round her. Until she messes using the wrong worker. Olivia is sitting at her boss’s desk together with her high heel shoes propped on his desk. He is available in and demands that they remove herself from his office. She very bitchily informs him that this can be a corporate takeover and she or he is his boss now, and that he has become demoted. He finds a method to mesmerize her having a shiny necklace. making her comply. She results in her lingerie and repeats, “Yes, Master. I’m a conceited slut and I enjoy showcase my body system.” Olivia winds up on his desk as she masturbates and fucks herself having a dildo.

Later on that day, Olivia walks into her lately demoted employee’s office and demands to be aware what he’s searching at. She rips off her dress and shows him precisely what she thinks what he really wants to see. She starts speaking lower to him as he shows her exactly the same shiny necklace, putting her into another trance. He’s her provide him a lap dance and also to let him know how sexy she’s and why he’ll never get her job. He winds up making her cum having a vibrator, as she repeats, “Yes, Master. I’m a submissive slut and i’ll only cum in my Master.” But he is not done yet. They know she drawn some dicks to ascend the organization ladder. Now it’s here we are at her to suck his, repeating, “Yes, Master. I’m a horny cum-slut who needs her Master’s cum.” He instructions her to depart his office, get cleared up and are available back.

Once more, Olivia storms back to his office enraged concerning the rumors of her as being a slut. He snaps his fingers putting her into another trance, and instructs her to visit and bend within the desk. He fucks her as she repeats, “Yes, Master. I’m conceited slut and that i require a hard fuck.” He finishes by cumming around the cum-slut’s face.

Now Olivia is totally submissive to her Master as she bring her Master a glass or two in her own lingerie, leg highs and black heels. He’s is much together with her again as she will get on her behalf knees, sucks his dick and lets him fuck her. He finishes in her own mouth and swallow it just like a good little submissive cum-slut.

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