Primal’s Mental Domination – Ivy Secret – The Entranced by her Neighbor HD 720p

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Primal’s Mental Domination Ivy Secret – The Entranced by her Neighbor HD 720p

Ivy Secret The Entranced by her Neighbor


Mesmerize scenes

When told to obey adopts instant trance with blank look (no mix eyes please) and states “I will obey”, arms drop to sides and stares forward.

SCENE – When her neighbor is rejected by model he decides it’s time he attempted his skills in mesmerize to finally get her to determine things his way…..but things don’t really go his method to begin with…

*Scene begins with the neighbor watching the model venture out (outfitted differently to primary outfit). Once she’s out he sneaks over and steels her mail so he’s a reason to speak to her.

*He accumulates her mail and states how nervous he’s because this is finally his opportunity to use his mesmerize skills on her behalf he has practiced for such a long time. He walks away saying how he can’t wait to finally mesmerizetize her.

*Model arrives home later within the day and also the neighbor stops her outdoors to provide her the mail. He constitutes a little small talk and informs her how great she looks.

*Then he nervously informs her he really loves her and asks if sherrrd like to take a date

*Model thanks him but states she’s simply not thinking about him and she or he has already been a weight date tonight. She thanks him for that mail and would go to leave.

*He states here goes and informs her he’s just discovered this necklace/pendant and when she looks close she might recognise it.

*Model stops and compares the necklace/pendant because he starts to swing it. He informs her to focus on the middle but she just takes the necklace off him and states certainly one of her buddies should have dropped it.

*Model then thanks him and goes inside as they states which was not designed to happen and that he needs another intend to mesmerizetize her.


*Model is within her home and merely finishes preparing. She will get her cigarettes from her bag and starts smoking naturally (no methods etc).

*Model continues smoking then will get her phone and calls her friend.

*While smoking she informs her friend how excited she’s on her date after which jokes the guy from nearby just requested her out. She informs her friend that she’s sure he stole her mail so he could speak with her.

*She states he am nervous that whenever he attempted to provide her a necklace he present in her yard he couldn’t hold still it and stored swinging it…she laughs and states hes this type of dork.

*Model then informs her friend she’ll talk to her later and let her know the way the date went. She hangs up after which sits texting until she’s finished smoking.

Also I forgot to mention but if possible can you ask the model to wear eye-shadow, if she can’t then no big deal, just a thing haha. Anyways thank you again and I can’t wait to see what you shoot as your customs have been untouchable by anyone, you guys are the real deal!!


Ivy Secret The Entranced by her Neighbor

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