Primal’s Robo Kink – Dasiy Full Sesson HD

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Primal’s Robo Kink – Dasiy Full Sesson HD

Part 1 Behavior training- Daisy believes she’s here to become contributed to her anxiety issues. We put her under after which have her walk round the room repeating her behavior training mantra’s. She’s deeply under and her eyes are folded long ago in her own mind. Next we put her out again and program her to locate her clothes very comfortable and she or he will take them off without knowing as she’s talking to us. She then is commanded into her trance like condition and fully nude, walks and crawls round the room repeating her mantra’s. Finally she’s put under and programmed to become a puppy. She happily runs doggystyle yapping and wagging her tail and pleading for treats


Part 2 Orgasm Therapy – Daisy believes that she’s now back for an additional day’s therapy. She’s been developed to be not able to accept hitachi from her pussy once she begins masturbating. Now, awake, We let her know the best factor to deal with anxiety would be to have orgasms. She will not masturbate however is told to OBEY she falls right into a trance and begins while using hitachi on her behalf self. She’s multiple hard orgasms and slips from the trance however the programming remains and she or he is not able to maneuver the hitachi from her now throbbing pussy. She starts to spasms and convulse as well as falls from the chair, she loses total charge of her body and screams and thrashes as she struggles to maneuver the wand away. Finally once the floor is wet from her pussy we put her out. It was incredible how deeply she was programmed.

Part 3 Dental Fixation – Daisy is (she thinks) back for not much later on her next therapy. She’s deeply programmed at this time. Serving as her “therapist” I explain that her problems all originate from a effective Dental Fixation, and the easiest method to address it is as simple as performing Dental sex as regularly as you possibly can.She’s very embarrassed and laughs just a little nervously searching away. After I further explain that it must be inside a clinical setting which she must suck my penis regularly she begins getting uncomfortable and angry, until she’s commanded to obey

Part 4 Little “China” Toy – Now we have completed Daisy’s “therapy” we’ve made the decision to have a great time and she or he is definitely an inanimate “China Doll” (to become pc she’s of korean background) however in either situation we pose her in multiple positions after which use her unmoving but nonetheless very soft and welcoming body like a fuck toy


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