Primals ROBO KINK – Rocky Emerson – 65 Rocky’s Full Session FullHD

Published on December 27, 2020 by
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Primal’s ROBO KINK – Rocky Emerson – 65 Rocky’s Full Session FullHD

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PrimalFetish – Rocky Emerson – Rocky’s Full Session

Rocky begins the session having a test of her inclination towards suggestion. She’s programmed with fundamental trigger words, altering her memory and psychologically preparing her for much deeper programming that may prompt bodily sensations and emotionally billed reactions.


Female Training

Rocky is programmed with increased advanced trigger words that may prompt her to laugh hysterically, orgasm uncontrolalbly, or absently freeze in position. She’s posed and selected up. And for entertainment, we make her think she’s a playful puppy.


Rocky has become experiencing an in-depth programming that further mergers emotional and physical sensations. Deeply sexualized, a wand can be used to create her orgasm frequently while reciting her submission mantra. Then begins her dental servitude.

Rocky has become fully immersed entirely neural renovation and able to begin her sexual servitude.

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