Primals Transformations – Katrina Jade, Kenna Valentina – Vampire Temptation – Corruption of the Pure HD (720p/

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Watch Primals Transformations – Katrina Jade, Kenna Valentina – Vampire Temptation – Corruption of the Pure HD (720p/ from Hypno Porn on

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Primals Transformations – Katrina Jade, Kenna Valentina – Vampire Temptation – Corruption of the Pure HD (720p/

Part 1: The Touch of the Lady

The Raunchy Rose strip club continues to be driven bankrupt through the local Church with plans to really make it into an exciting-hrs Mission for individuals looking for spiritual healing. Sister Kenna is working hard boxing in the former club’s bottles of spirits.

All of a sudden she isn’t alone. It appears a woman that accustomed to work on the club originates in. Sister Kenna is nice and pure and wishes to assist the girl. But, because the gorgeous dark haired youthful lady foretells her, Sister Kenna starts getting ideas and feelings she’s stored away for any very lengthy time. Temptations radiate from the mystery vixen, and shortly Sister Kenna sheds in her own gaze…

Inked temptress Katrina is extremely very happy to find something to amuse her, a harmless sweet nun, with… secret lesbian desires? Katrina uses her vampiric forces to tempt and mesmerize the sweet Sister until she’s her doing every lustful factor she desires. Finally, Katrina gives directly into her hunger and feeds. Sister Kenna kicks and thrashes as her existence is drained away completely.

Part 2: Lust-Filled Confession

Father Markus does his devotions whenever a lost soul is available in. It seems the youthful lady accustomed to work on the club and doesn’t appear to understand what to do. Sister Kenna continues to be missing within the last two nights, and that he continues to be not able to help keep the mission open 24 hrs each day as planned. The youthful lady explains she hasn’t eaten in 2 days, before she lets him feed her, she would like to create confession.

Once within the booth, Katrina overwhelms the daddy together with her lust-filled confessions. He listens uncomfortably, attempting to keep his composure. He’s never heard may be. He must escape the temptations he’s feeling, but she’s all of a sudden in the side from the booth with him. Her eyes are captivating. Katrina has got the Father’s cock out and difficult in her own hands. Ongoing to state such dirty sinful things, she starts to feast upon him. As his cock explodes, Katrina decides he am enjoyable to corrupt that they will spare him for an additional night. She makes him forget everything but her confession, and she or he leaves him confused, dazed, and covered in cum.

Part 3: It’s Merely a Dream?

Katrina decides to visit her favorite doll. Father Markus is within a restless sleep. All of a sudden the youthful lady he’d impure ideas about is upon him. Her eyes are overpowering, and that he struggles to free themself, but she informs him this is only a dream.

She licks, sucks, fucks, and eats the helpless man, departing him barely alive. Even still, the vampire isn’t quit completed with him yet.

Part 4: No Avoid Temptation

Father Markus is eager for guidance. He’s on his knees prior to the altar once the Sister is available in and kneels beside him. He’s overjoyed, before the nun turns which is the youthful temptress in disguise. She reveals her true evil, vampiric natures, and also the Father runs in fear for that sanctity of his existence and the soul. Even today he really wants to give themself to her, but he or she must resist.

The church bells chime within the distance as Father Markus runs lower towards the club, eager to escape, as he incurs the Sister Kenna. But she’s altered. She’s became a member of the evil temptress in crime.

Katrina smiles as her prey incurs her new convert. She’s excited to look at Sister Kenna feed the very first time. And also to share the priest’s “last supper,” Katrina satisfies her sexual needs while Sister Kenna feeds. Once Katrina’s appetite reaches its peak, she sinks her teeth in, and together they drain him completely.

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