ROBOMEATS – App-Zapped and Mind Fucked HD 2015

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ROBOMEATS – App-Zapped and Mind Fucked HD 2015

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Rose and Willow are roommates who’re getting issues getting along, they visit a counselor weekly to assist them to attempt to resolve the problems, however this week, there’s a prowler outdoors from the therapists office, a mad researcher having a ray that controls your brain remotely, he fires it in the unsuspecting roommates, then allows them to continue regarding their day.

He sits in the laboratory and activates Rose together with his remote, her orders will be to leave and go straight to him.

Within the laboratory, he orders his new slave to remove her clothes and suck his cock, she obeys having a “Yes Master”

Then he has her bend over and take his cock in her own tight pussy, and fucks his little slave until he cums, then orders her to place her clothes on.

Before he transmits her on her behalf way, he programs her to become a horny slut, and fuck any man or lady who approaches her.

Once home, Rose will get around the bed and starts fingering her pussy. Her roommate Willow comes back home, worried sick about her, but Rose doesn’t stop finger fucking herself, and Willow begins to participate in, licking her scrumptious pussy, then both women strip and Rose grabs a vibrator and rubs it on Willow’s pussy until she cums.

Later, the mad researcher decides he really wants to have fun with his other toy, so activates Willow, who had been cleansing the dishes in your own home, she stops what she was doing and heads straight to her new master.

He orders her to strip, then has her take a seat on the bench and finger herself while giving him a hands job, then he has her get lower so he is able to fuck her tight pussy, and pounds her hard and deep throughout his lab until he cums. As she’s getting outfitted, he gives Willow exactly the same orders as Rose, making her a horny slut, prepared to give herself as much as anybody.

In your own home, the 2 sexy roommates have been in bed fondling one another, once the researcher activates both women, they crunches and mind for their master.

He orders these to fondle one another and strip one another, then has them jump on their knees and every alternate sucking his cock.

He orders Rose to sit down around the bench and stroke his cock while Willow eats her pussy. He fucks both women throughout his lab, ordering these to write out and touch one another as they fucks them, then has Willow lick Rose’s pussy as they fucks her, he then puts them on their own knees and cums both in of the faces.

Both of these sexy slaves love their masters cock!


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