ROBOMEATS – Bachelorette Party Timestop HD 2015

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ROBOMEATS – Bachelorette Party Timestop HD 2015

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Willow is a little a prude who’s marriage soon. She’s spending time with her mother, Athena, and she or he is declaring that just how much she doesn’t wish to have a bachelorette party, and just how she’d rather just relax, Athena attempts to convince her otherwise, but Willow won’t budge, fortunately Athena required matters into her very own hands.

There’s a knock in the door, along with a officer enters. Willow is anxious something is wrong, but ends up he’s a stripper hired by Athena. Willow doesn’t such as this, this person dancing on her and tries to have it to prevent, so Athena activates her timestop watch and freezes Willow.

Rock, the stripper, asks what’s just happened, and Athena explains that she’s timestopped, which what Willow really needs is to buy fucked, which is the only method it might happen. Rock concurs and begins to strip and pose Willow.

He lays her lower around the couch and slides his cock into her mouth. Athena untimestops her so she often see how Willow wants it, she doesn’t so she freezes her again.

Rock moves lower and begins to pound Willows tight frozen pussy, they wreck havoc on her unfreezing her and freezing her again. Rock is constantly on the fuck her until he cums. Can’t permit this to girl marry with no good fucking.


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