ROBOMEATS – Brothel Timestop HD 2015

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ROBOMEATS – Brothel Timestop HD 2015

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Tiffany is really a whore, she works under Madam Willow, who’s reviewing everyone’s figures, and Tiffany isn’t filling her quota, Willow asks her body guard, Rock, to visit get Tiffany, who’s waiting outdoors.

Tiffany is available in, having a major attitude, so Willow decides that it’s here we are at some punishment, and also at Madam Willow’s House O’ Whores, punishment is a touch diverse from your average brothel, she orders Rock to timestop the ungrateful slut.

Once frozen, Willow circles her body and inspects it, gradually stripping her and having fun with her breasts, she invites Rock to experience together with her too, then has him bend her within the desk so she will spank her.

Willow then decides it’s time for you to test the products, she will get up up for grabs and opens Tiffany’s mouth and pulls her tongue out and puts it on her behalf pussy while Rock fucks her frozen cunt.

He fucks her hard and deep, they switch her over and fucking her, they lay her around the desk and that he keeps pounding her tight, frozen pussy. Rock will get pretty excited and starts touching Willow, she informs him to savor the present she’s already given him and never to the touch her.

Rock doesn’t care, so he timestops Willow, lays her around the desk alongside Tiffany and fucks her until he cums throughout her.


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