ROBOMEATS – Janitors Revenge HD 2015

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ROBOMEATS – Janitors Revenge HD 2015

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Willow and Loni are a handful of effective business women. They`re in the center of discussing some strategic business plans when Miles, the janitor, enters asking the women should they have any trash for him to gather. They’re aggravated by his presence, but Miles is simply attempting to perform.

They still talk and Miles eavesdrops, and attempts to voice top tips. He states he`s studying business attending college and it has ideas that could be worth hearing. The 2 women blow him off while he makes 7$ an hour or so cleaning toilets plus they each make a minimum of triple that. They talk to him condescendingly with a feeling of entitlement, even tossing a highlighter at Miles because he walks out of the door.

Miles, the candid working class citizen he’s, will get frustrated and time stops the 2 women. How they treated Miles was unfair, and that he feels it`s appropriate to obtain some revenge.

He bends the frozen women over smacks their asses. He strips them lower and feels them up. He places their physiques on the top of one another, and means they are touch one another. He strips themself too, and is able to get his dick wet. Right before putting it in, he unfreezes them. They panic, aware this really is all Miles? doing. This doesn`t stop Miles from refreezing them.

He proceeds to function their throats and pussies together with his cock in various positions, sometimes sexy and often humiliating. He from time to time unfreezes them simply to react in disgust and astonishment at what had happened. fAll within an honest day`s work.


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