Robomeats – Stepdad Timestop

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Robomeats – Stepdad Timestop HD (

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Lumin and Torro Bravo – Lumin is home from soccer practice, studying a magazine in her own family room when Torro, her new step-father is available in to determine how she’s doing. He begins to touch her, and she or he tries to find a way, but Torro timestops her before she reaches the doorway. He picks her up and puts her in the center of the area and pulls her top lower, then restarts her, she pulls her top back on and Torro stops time again then strips her completely. Torro then holds her in the arms and begins to hug her and unfreezes her again, she pulls from him, but he stops her again before she will escape. He pulls out his cock and puts her hands onto it and is constantly on the tease her by unfreezing her and freezing her again, he then puts her on her behalf knees and puts his cock in her own mouth, he fucks her timestopped face, then unfreezes her, she see’s her step dads cock in her own mouth and tries to find a way, but he freezes her and lays her lower and fucks until he cums.

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