ROBOMEATS – The Holy Spirit Timestop HD 2015

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ROBOMEATS – The Holy Spirit Timestop HD 2015

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Alexandria is really a maid, and she or he is clearing up in the house she works at as the owner reaches work.

David, a Jehovah’s Witness, knocks behind door, and Alexandria lets him in so he is able to wait to speak to the dog owner and continues her cleaning.

David isn’t use to some sexy girl like Alexandria, and begins to get hot because he has impure ideas about her, fantasizing about her.

She catches him googling at her, and acting a creep, so she asks him to depart, David will the only factor possible in the repressed pervert mind, he timestops her, freezing her.

He begins to feel her sexy body, kissing her skin and stripping her gradually. He picks her up and dances together with her frozen body, then bends her over.

He needs to fuck her, so he adopts his clothes off and slides his dick into her frozen pussy. He moves her around and fucks her timestopped mouth after which continues fucking her until he cums


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