ROBOMEATS – Timestopped My Sister’s Girlfriend HD

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ROBOMEATS – Timestopped My Sister’s Girlfriend HD

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Rock originates home for any break from college, and the sister was designed to pick him up in the airport terminal, but she never demonstrated, so he required a bus to her house and see’s someone lounging in her own bed, thinking it’s his sister, he kicks your bed and begins to let her know off, but is surprised whenever a stranger pokes her mind from underneath the covers.

The stranger, Tiffany, informs Rock that his sister is overseas on vacation, and that she’s subletting the apartment, he asks how she knows his sister, and Tiffany explains that they’re dating. Rock doesn’t like “unavailable” women, and see’s her lesbianism like a challenge, so he begins to hit on her behalf.

Tiffany won’t have his manipulative behavior, and informs him to back away, so he activates his timestop watch, freezing her in position. He begins to pose her, then lays her lower around the bed and begins to feel her pussy, then rises to her nipples, he then sits her up and begins to strip her.

He bends her over and pulls out his dick and slides it into her frozen pussy, and fucks her over a couple of positions until he cums.

He then sets her up posed around the chair leaving her there as they is out for any bite.


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