ROBOMEATS – You’re Hired HD 2015

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ROBOMEATS – You’re Hired HD 2015

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Roxy will a job interview in a big firm for any receptionist job, her interviewers are Rock and Alexander, who ask all of the usual questions, and she or he gives all of the right solutions.

Rock highlights how pretty she’s, and asks her how she gets about fraternization, she explains it will not be an issue as she’s entirely professional, but Rock doesn’t purchase it and taps his timestop watch which in turn causes her to freeze.

The task continues to be filled for days, however with his new timestop watch, he’s been experimenting with the women who apply to do the job.

He’s Alexander strip her fill up and sits her around the desk, then Rock unfreezes her.

She wakes really confused, and attempts to cover herself up, and Rock and Alexander behave like she’s some slut taking her fill up to obtain a job, she assures them that isn’t the situation, so that they freeze her again.

They gradually strip her, while posing her and freezing and unfreezing her, she keeps losing it looking to get away.

Then they lay her around the desk and begin to fuck her frozen mouth and pussy, they switch holes and fucking her, from time to time unfreezing her for any second, then Alexander cums within her, and Rock fucks her face until he cums throughout it.


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