The Velvet Dungeon | Obedient Robot | Victoria’s Second Session |

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The Velvet Dungeon– Obedient Robot– Victoria’s Second Session

Charming, sexy Victoria has actually returned for one more session. She is delighted to be back for even more attractive enjoyable.

The very first point I do is offer her a pointer to come to be obedient as well as robot-like when I call my bell. When I call it once again she will certainly go back to regular without memory of what occurred when she was a robot.

I play some methods on her, having her action as well as blink her body as a robot after that breaking her back to regular in endangering placements, like with her underclothing on her head.

Then I have her strip entirely nude as a robot. She is surprised as well as humiliated when she understands what she’s done.

Next I make her begin fingering herself as a robot. Then I call the bell as well as she goes back to regular as she is pleasuring her pussy. I change her back to the robot as well as have her touch herself in a range of placements. Each time I return her to regular she obtains even more horny as well as takes longer to come to be self-conscious as well as quit.

Finally she is so sexy that with a little motivation, she does not intend to quit as well as she offers herself an effective climax.

I secure the sensations of enjoyment she simply experienced to being passive as well as list below my orders. She aspires to return for one more warm session.

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