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The Velvet Dungeon– Robot Mistress– Sophia and Alyssa

Sexy Sophia Fox and Gorgeous Alyssa Reece are below for an additional interesting duo session. I can not wait to collaborate with these 2 with each other once more.

This session went to Sophia’s demand. She has actually been intending to really feel even more leading and effective so I am mosting likely to aid her keeping that. I provide her a tip to really feel much more effective and leading when she puts on a pearl locket I have for her. Also to make her feeling effective I provide Alyssa a tip that will certainly trigger her to really feel extreme, orgasmic enjoyment whenever Sophia touches her.

I after that awake them, and provide Sophia her pearls. She places them on and self-confidence begins to take her over. Then I have her touch Alyssa to see the power I have actually provided her at work. Alyssa’s body quickly squirms in enjoyment and quickly she has an effective climax. Sophia has fun with Alyssa some even more appreciating her brand-new sensations of power and self-confidence. Poor Alyssa obtains hurt with pure enjoyment.

After Sophia has actually had some enjoyable I place Alyssa back right into a hypnotic trance and provide her a brand-new idea: to switch over in and out of a brainless robot state whenever Sophia breaks her fingers.

When I awake Alyssa she can not bear in mind anything. Sophia breaks her fingers and Alyssa becomes her robot servant. At initially Sophia has some innocent enjoyable with her brand-new plaything, posturing Alyssa and making her do ridiculous points. The she has her beginning getting rid of several of her garments. And makes her kiss her footwear. Her brand-new leading character is providing Sophia some mischievous concepts.

Finally Sophia is so activated she removes nude and remains on the robot Alyssa’s face, the orders her to make her come.

Sophia actually taken pleasure in being robot Alyssa’s Mistress!

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