The Velvet Dungeon | Secret Sex Slave | Brooklyn’s Second Session |

Published on March 4, 2022 by
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The Velvet Dungeon– Secret Sex Slave– Brooklyn’s Second Session

Brooklyn is back and also looks great. She’s unconvinced and also believes the hypnotic trance really did not deal with her last time. However it did job and also I am still able to place her in a hypnotic trance utilizing the idea I mounted in her initial session.

Now I deal with taking her in and also out of hypnotic trance. I inform her to enter and also out of hypnotic trance each time I call a bell. I call it and also she’s large awake, without memory of remaining in a hypnotic trance. I call it once more and also she states “I am under your spell” and also goes entirely empty. In her hypnotic trance she does every little thing I ask.

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