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TheVelvetDungeon– Alyssa and Sophia– Robot Sex Toys

It was a lot enjoyable transforming Alyssa and Sophia right into robotics I needed to do it once more. This time, though I intended to make it also hotter.

For this session I chose to allow them take turns managing each various other.

When they awake from their hypnotic trance, Sophia is a brainless robot all set to do anything Alyssa regulates, responding with a loyal“Yes Mistress” However, I established a 10 min timer and when it goes off, Alyssa will certainly be immediately changed right into a robot and Sophia will certainly be back to regular.

As quickly as Alyssa recognizes Sophia is under her power she promptly chooses to benefit from the scenario and utilize her as her very own individual robot sex plaything, regulating her to please her in a selection of method.

When their duties are turned around Sophia chooses to benefit from Alyssa in an extremely comparable style.

Lots of fantastic robot on lady robot activity in this one!

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