XXXTREMECOMIXXX – Batgirl Under Duress – Penny Lay FullHD mp4

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XXXTREMECOMIXXX – Batgirl Under Duress – Penny Lay FullHD mp4

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We discover Batgirl inside a rather vulnerable position. A crazed autograph collector has taken her is ready to interrogate to get Batman’s John Hancock! He’s her bound and bent within the bed, where he administers brutal models of spanking, whipping, and shocks for his taser. He lifts up her batskirt and admires Batgirl’s plump, pale booty. He smiles. He’s glad he caught her from the bat cave.

The collector unties Batgirl and moves her towards the bed, altering from torture to tenderness, he generously licks her pretty pink pussy. Batgirl moans, wrongly identified as her mixture of feelings. He sits up, shoving his big cock in her own mouth. A repressed horniness erupts from inside Batgirl. She sucks hungrily in the man’s cock. He lifts her up by her legs and slides themself inside her tight cunt. Batgirl moans because the thick cock fills and stretches her. She gets him cumming insidewithin all her and sighs. Batman couldn’t save her this time around.

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