XXXTREMECOMIXXX – Lexi Tawny – Mysterious Device – Mind Control FullHD mp4 2018

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XXXTREMECOMIXXX – Lexi Tawny – Mysterious Device – Mind Control FullHD mp4 2018

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Lexi sneaks in to the evil Gunther’s hideout. She sees no manifestation of the villain, but spies his mysterious device on the nearby table. As she relays her find to HQ, she attempts to connect to the information stored around the strange device. Lexi taps a vital and also the device beeps shrilly. It leaps out her hands, as though possessed and shoots over the room. The unit lands in the ft of their rightful owner, Gunther.

Lexi is shocked but tries to spring into action. Before she can produce a move, Gunther shows her exactly what the device can definitely do! Having a flick of his finger, it beeps again… Lexi feels an outburst of electricity through her system. She’s tossed towards the wall and frozen, paralyzed.

Gunther instructions Lexi in the future forward. She would like to face up to but cannot. Seeing that she’s fully in the control, Gunther relishes Lexi’s sexy body. He pushes aside her already skimpy superheroine outfit and fondles her pierced pussy. Gunther licks on Lexi’s perky tits then instructions her towards the sofa so he is able to taste her cunt.

While using device’s insidious mind control abilities, Gunther instructions Lexi to kneel before him. Together with his thumb, he pries her supple lips apart roughly. Her eyes are full of anxiety about what’s about to take place. Gunther unsheathes his veiny, hard cock and slides it into Lexi’s defenseless mouth. He instructions her to slurp and suck on his cock. Having a minor adjustment around the device, she changes her method to include her hands stroking his shaft.

Gunther begins to lose themself within the moment because the gorgeous superheroine is becoming his personal fuck-toy. He moves her again towards the couch and slides his throbbing dick into her. She grimaces in disbelief because he thrusts into her for which seems like a very long time.

All of a sudden, it dawns on Lexi that they still had control button over her braches, because of Gunther wanting his dick stroked while she blew him. She glances in the device laying alongside their writhing physiques around the sofa and comes into action. She smacks the gadget, giving her full charge of her super body. She smacks Gunther then follows up having a thunderous knee that cracks against his unsuspecting skull. He falls towards the floor inside a heap, knocked senseless. Disgusted, although not defeated, Lexi fixes her hair and costume. She leaves to Gunther and the little toy for that government bodies to locate.

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